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China Commodities Forum & 2017 Mysteel Annual Meeting -- Zhao Wuzhuang: Current situation & 2017 outlook of China nonferrous metal industry
Dec 18, 2016  11:31:56
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Abstraction: current situation & 2017 outlook of China nonferrous metal industry in China Commodities Forum & 2017 Mysteel Annual Meeting, recently held during Dec ember18, 2016, Shanghai, China.

Director Zhao Wuzhuang, Vice President & Professor Senior Engineer of Policy Research Office of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, delivered his speech on current situation & 2017 outlook of China nonferrous metal industry in China Commodities Forum & 2017 Mysteel Annual Meeting, recently held during Dec ember18, 2016, Shanghai, China.

Firstly, he figured out that the overall situation of China nonferrous metal industry in 2016 operated better than previously expected, which is featured with a slowdown in growth, a rise in economic efforts, improved market environment and exceeded expectation.

There are several drivers behind the better operation in China non-ferrous metal industry. First is sound national macroeconomic policy, like soft momentary policy etc, which played as a good guide for adjusting. And then is nonferrous metal industry elaborated itself regulation effort. Third, the enterprisers themselves have strengthened business managements. Last but not least, improved market demand paid a solid foundation for the whole nonferrous metal industry.

Thirdly, Director Zhao also pointed out several problems in China nonferrous industry, one is growing costs, accompanied with swelling capacity, and then comes up with potential risks. At last, the most important point is that no signs of new motivation to be formed yet.

At last, he presented analysis on 2017 China nonferrous metal industry. First, global nonferrous metal industry is likely to be in face of sustainable structural oversupply in the coming New Year. Second, the nonferrous prices are still hard to increase further, which may remain wide-range fluctuation trend. Third, the recent issue of USD interest rises has further restricted bulk metal prices. Fourth, unstable elements which impact the market still existed. Last, growing production costs would gradually support the steel prices to move up.

To sum up, Zhao noted that outlook of nonferrous metal industry both at home and abroad is still pessimistic, yet we should also hold confidence to believe that the nonferrous metal industry would keep slowdown paces amid steadiness in the year of 2017, with industrial value-added hopefully to maintain a 6%-7% growth. The output of ten types of nonferrous metal is likely to keep small-range rise. Meanwhile, the fixed-asset investment of nonferrous industry is unlikely to see pick-ups, for the enterprises themselves, they’re still under growing pressure of sustainable economic rebounds.

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