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Raw Material - Ferro-alloys
Weekly Review of Manganese Ore Market during Aug.7-Aug.11, 2017
The imported manganese ore market kept weakly stable. Producers were not very active to purchase the manganese ore, so manganese ore traders didn't sell goods well in thin trade. The mainstream Australian manganese lump ore in Tianjin port offered Yuan 53/dmtu, 37%Mn South African semi-carbonated manganese ore offered Yuan 40-41/dmtu, 45%Mn Gabon manganese ore offered Yuan 50/dmtu, down Yuan 1-2/dmtu week on week.
Weekly Review of Manganese Ore Market during Jul.24-Jul.28, 2017
The offer for manganese ore this week consolidated at high level. Traders loosed their attitude to keep price firm somewhat compared to last week, while producers carefully waited to see and the market traded thinly. The mainstream Australian manganese lump ore in Tianjin port offered Yuan 56-57/dmtu,Gabon manganese ore offered Yuan 51-53/dmtu,South African semi-carbonated manganese ore offered Yuan 45/dmtu
Weekly Review of Siliconmanganese Market During Jul.17-Jul.21, 2017
The domestic SiMn trended good, and producers offered in various prices, strongly unwilling to sell. The steel mills' tender for August begins in advance overall, and the buying volumes increased in different levels,but prices were difficult to reach an agreement with suppliers. The market was filled with all kinds of news which impacted all parties' sentiment. SiMn futures performed to rush the top level and then drop down, which also in another way influenced all parties' sentiment.

Daily Price
·Silicon Metal prices in Fujian Market    Aug 18
·Silicon Metal prices in Shanghai Market    Aug 18
·Silicon Metal prices at Tianjin Port    Aug 18
·Silicon Metal prices at Huangpu port    Aug 18
·Special FeSi Prices in China Domestic Ma    Aug 18
Price Summarization
·Summarization of Mn-series Price on Aug.    Aug 18
·Summarization of Special-alloy Price on     Aug 18
·Summarization of FeSi price on Aug.18 20    Aug 18
·Summarization of ferroalloy price on Aug    Aug 18
·Summarization of CIF Mn ore prices desti    Aug 18
Market Express
·Manganese ore stockpiles at China's majo    Aug 15
·Manganese ore stockpiles at China's majo    Aug 10
·Manganese ore stockpiles at China's majo    Aug 01
·Manganese ore stockpiles at China's majo    Jul 25
·Manganese ore stockpiles at China's majo    Jul 11
Mysteel Survey & Statistics
·China Ferro-Manganese Export to Differen    Mar 02
·China Ferro-Silicon Export to Different     Mar 02
·China ferrovanadium export to different     Mar 02
·China silicon-manganese export to differ    Mar 01
·China Ferroalloy Export to Different Cou    Mar 01
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