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Raw Material - Semi
Mysteel: Raw Material Market Highlight (Apr 10—14)
Imported iron ore market plummeted during the week of Apr 10-14. The fall in futures on Monday set a pessimistic sentiment of the market with the falling at ports and few bids. At the middle week, portside price went down 80-100 yuan/ton. Forward spot market were also slim and buyers eager to sell which put the buyers into a passive status.
Mysteel: Raw Material Market Highlight (Apr 3—7)
Imported iron ore market fluctuated sharply during the week of March 27 to March 31. Iron ore price showed its upward trend which driven by the rise in construction and coke. However, the weak fundamental of iron ore hinder the ongoing rise in iron ore price and it went down at the end of week.
Mysteel: Raw Material Market Highlight (March 20—24)
Review on iron ore price: Price weakened with the range of 30-40 yuan/ton and the whole market activity presented subdue. Domestic iron ore slipped 10-30 yuan/ton, driven by the fall in imported iron ore.

Daily Price
Market price of billet in Tangshan, Hebe    Apr 25 2017
Market price of billet in Shanxi Provinc    Apr 25 2017
Market price of billet in Fujian Provinc    Apr 25 2017
Market price of slab in Jiangsu Province    Apr 25 2017
Market price of billet in Guangzhou city    Apr 25 2017
Price Summarization
Summarization of Billet Prices o    Apr 25 2017
Summarization of Billet Prices o    Apr 24 2017
Summarization of Billet Prices o    Apr 21 2017
Summarization of Billet Prices o    Apr 21 2017
Summarization of Billet Prices o    Apr 20 2017
Market Express
·Daily review: Tangshan billet price rebo    Apr 25
·Daily survey: Tangshan billet production    Apr 25
·Daily review: Weakness in China's billet    Apr 25
·Daily survey: Tangshan billet production    Apr 25
·Daily survey: Tangshan billet production    Apr 21
Mysteel Survey & Statistics
·China billet-slab export to different co    Apr 01
·China common carbon slab import from dif    Apr 01
·China common carbon billet import from d    Apr 01
·China billet-slab import from different     Apr 01
·China billet-slab export to different co    Mar 02
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