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China’s Shandong still dealing with aftermath of Lekima

Shandong province in East China is still dealing with the damage after the Typhoon Lekima slammed the region on August 11-12, and industrial enterprises such as nonferrous smelters and steel mills have their operations affected, Mysteel Global understood from the local companies on Wednesday.

Shandong Chuanyang Group Co (Chuanyang), a 3 million tonnes/year steelmaker in the province halted its operations completely after the typhoon, according to a company official.

“We are still dealing with the flood in our plant, which is now above waist high, and I do not think we will be able to resume normal operations in 10-15 days,” he shared in a phone call with Mysteel Global via mobile, as the company is with no power supply and all the land lines are not functioning either.

The suspension of the plant, including blast furnaces and rolling lines, is estimated to reduce finished steel production by 7,000 tonnes/day, Mysteel estimates basing on the available data. Chuanyang is installed with three 630 cu m blast furnaces and two 120-tonne converters.

A senior official from a nonferrous smelter in Shandong shared that the company has been dealing with the aftermath of the typhoon nonstop for two whole days. “I have not slept a single second for the past 48 hours after the typhoon, as the plant has been hit hard,” he said, without disclosing the damage in details.

Lekima landed Shandong on August 11 after having swept Fujian, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Anhui and Jiangsu, and Chuanyang, unlike its peers in Zhejiang, Chuanyang failed to escape the typhoon unscathed, though the rainfall and wind strength weakened significantly when hitting the province.

“The lake near us burst and the reservoir nearby has been discharged three times because of the water levels are too high,” the Chuanyang official explained why the company has been flooded.

Chuanyang, located in Changshan Industrial Park, is surrounded by Xiaofu Lake with the shortest distance of only around 100 meters, Mysteel Global understands.

The privately-owned steel mill produces mainly carbon steel rectangular blooms strips, and sections, and special steel angles and channels, according to the company website.

Typhoon Lekima is the second typhoon that has landed China so far in 2019, having affected 12.9 million people in nine provinces and municipalities in East, South, North and Northeast China, and having destroyed 13,000 and damaged 119,000 houses as of 1600 (Beijing time) on August 13, according to Xinhua news report.

Written by Olivia Zhang, zhangwd@mysteel.com

Edited by Hongmei Li, li.hongmei@mysteel.com