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Hebei cuts 47.6 mln t/y steel capacity over 2018-20

Over the period spanning January 2018 through to last July, North China’s Hebei province, the country’s top steel producing province, had removed a total of 47.6 million tonnes/year of iron and steel capacity, according to a post from the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE) on August 19. This means the provincial government achieved its goal of cutting 40 million t/y by 2020 some five months in advance, Mysteel Global notes.
MEE’s Wednesday post was the transcript of a press conference held by provincial government officials reporting Hebei’s work on air pollution control. The reduction in steel capacity contributed to the 13% decrease in PM2.5 concentration to an average of 47μg/cu m throughout the province over January-July, according to the post.


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