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BLOG: Shougang Shijingshan works now a tourism spot


Two friends in Beijing shared their pictures taken in the deserted Shougang steelworks in Shijingshan, on the outskirts of western Beijing, through WeChat Moments recently. No one in the Chinese steel industry would have foreseen ten years before that the site could have turned into a local tourism spot with all the long-deserted blast furnaces clearly seen in the background of pictures.

The Labour Day holiday is soon to come over May 1-5, many that are in Beijing and have not made up the mind where to go, the Shougang steelworks seems a good option for young and old.

Back in 2005, as part of Beijing’s efforts to clean the air in the capital city, Shougang, the only local steel mill with an 8 million tonnes/year steel capacity for was asked to move out of Beijing in two stages by 2010, and in exchange, Shougang was allowed to erect a brand new 9.7 million t/y steelworks in Jingtang of the neighbouring Hebei province together with Hebei Iron & Steel Group, now HBIS Group.

The relocation was partly due to the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and by 2008, as planned, Shougang shut down half the capacity, and by the end of 2010, the mission was accomplished by the deadline and Shougang’s 51:49 joint venture was up and running when the old works were shut down, and Shougang has benefited from the relocation with a larger steel capacity and two over 5,000 cu m blast furnaces.

Steelmaking capacity relocation efforts have been renewed in China around 2016, though any steel mills involved have not been able to repeat Shougang’s story in the aspect of the steelmaking capacity expansion, but some mills may consider the possibility of replicating the Shougang’s practice, turning the old works into a place where citizens see with their own eyes about what steelmaking is all about.

Written by Hongmei Li, li.hongmei@mysteel.com