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NOTICE: Sample Updates on “Blast Furnaces Operation of 247 Chinese Steel mills” Survey


China’s steel industry has been going through “capacity swap” with old blast furnaces (BFs) replaced by new and advanced blast furnaces, and to reflect the real market situation more accurately, Mysteel plans to update some of the elements in the survey of “Blast Furnaces Operation of 247 Chinese Steel mills” on September 30, 2021.

The changes are:

1. Only operative BFs in the 247 steel mills will be included, hence their annual pig iron capacity accounted for 95.4% of the country’s total as of 2020, updated from the 94.8% of country’s total for 2019 with those dismantled or long-idled BFs removed from the survey. The list of qualified BFs will be reviewed and updated whenever applicable and notices will be released accordingly.

2. To maintain the data consistency, Mysteel will make the retrospective adjustments, backdated to January 1, 2021, which will include operational rate, daily average hot metal output, and capacity utilization rate.

3. In consideration of the lack of representativeness of the 163 blast-furnace steel mills’ operations that have been running concurrently with the 247 mills, Mysteel will discontinue the smaller-scale survey by the end of 2021 and the release of the related data will, thus, be terminated in the usual channels including company website, mobile application, Mysteel Databank and VIP messages.

4. To facilitate the subscribers’ seamless transit from the smaller-scale to large-scale survey data and minimize any inconvenience, Mysteel will release the converted data from 163 to 247 steel mills regarding their operational rates, capacity utilization rates, ratio of profitmaking steel mills over the period of August 3, 2012-February 23, 2018.

Definitions of related data indicators remain unchanged, which are:

- Daily average hot metal output: average daily hot metal output among the 247 sampled steel mills.

- BF operational rate: The proportion of the number of operating BFs against the total BFs in the 247 steel mills.

- BF capacity utilization rate: daily average hot metal output against the total daily hot metal production capacity of the BFs in the 247 steel mills.

- Ratio of profitmaking steel mills: the proportion of the number of profit-making steel mills among the 247 steel mills, with the criterion being whether the sampled mills are having gross profits in finished steel sales.

- Reduced hot metal output: the reduced hot metal output because of suspension or maintenance on blast furnaces.

- Reduced hot metal output under restriction: the reduced hot metal output because of the authorities’ restriction on the BFs of the 247 steel mills.

Any inquiries or feedback, please submit to our survey team members by September 17, with the contacts below:

Mengting Xu (Ms.): xumt@mysteel.com/86-21-26093794

Jingjing Zhang (Ms.): zhangjingjing@mysteel.com/86-21-26094429

Unless specified, all the communication received will be treated as publicly accessible.

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August 24, 2021