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MYSTEEL: China's Oct FeSi output falls to 46-month low


In October, China's ferrosilicon (FeSi) production among the country's 136 smelters under Mysteel's monthly survey fell to the lowest since January 2018, or approximating 364,485 tonnes after having been down on month for the third consecutive month by another 66,382 tonnes or 15.4%, which was mainly due to the ongoing intensive power rationing in some of the major production bases.
Last month, FeSi output in Qinghai of Southwest China and Shaanxi of Northwest China decreased the most, down 28,500 tonnes and 26,200 tonnes on month respectively, as ferroalloy smelters in Qinghai, Shaanxi and Ningxia in Northwest China had been imposed on more stringent power rationing, forcing some smelters in Ningxia


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