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WEEKLY: China coke output up on higher demand, profits


The capacity utilization rate of the 230 Chinese independent coking plants under Mysteel's survey had risen for the sixth week by another 1.8 percentage points to 72.2% by January 5, with their output climbing further by 16,500 tonnes/day on week to 831,400 t/d on average over December 30-January 5. The higher coke output was mainly driven by firm demand from steelmakers and recovering profits earned by coke producers, Mysteel Global noted.
Steelmakers' raw materials demand has been strengthening with their operation resumption since January, with the average blast furnace capacity use of the 247 surveyed mills hitting a two-month high of 77.9% as of January 6, as reported.   On the same day, these surveyed steel mills held 6.9 million tonnes of coke


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