Data Feeds

Access Mysteel Global's data automatically as soon as it's updated by our reporting team each day in your own company system. Delivered by an XML feed, you'll be able to integrate the data into your internal systems and have the whole team use it for analysis, modelling and charting in real-time.

Eliminate the human error involved in manual data entry and ensure that everyone in your team is working from the same data. We'll support you in the integration so you can begin making time and efficiency savings straight away.

Data Feed Options

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Prices, Inventories, Imports, Exports, Capacity Utilization, Operating Rates, Production and Shipments for Semi-Finished, Finished and Special Steel.

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Steel Raw Materials

Prices, Inventories, Imports, Exports, Capacity Utilization, Production, Arrivals and Shipments for Iron Ore, Coke, Coking Coal, Scrap, Pig Iron, and Ferro-Alloys.

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Non Ferrous

Prices, Inventories, Imports, Exports, Capacity Utilization, Production, and Shipments for Base Metals (Aluminium, Copper, Lead, Zinc, Nickel and Tin), Precious Metals (Gold and Silver) and Minor Metals (Chromium, Molybdenum, Magnesium, Tungsten).

Why do our clients choose a data feed?

Save time

all the data you need is automatically updated in all the places you need; your company intranet, models, reports.

Eliminate errors

with all your team working from the same data-set, you remove human error from copying numbers or different team members working from different spreadsheets.


our team will work with you to develop the most seamless solution for your business requirements.


you'll get a Data License with your Data Feed, allowing you to use our data according to your business needs, whilst complying with our data use policy legally.

What formats do we offer?


An XML feed through the API.


A raw data feed outside the API delivered by XML.


XLS/CSV format delivered by FTP.

Arrange your Data Feed consultation.
Arrange your Data Feed consultation.

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