Data Licenses

Mysteel provides you with over 700,000 prices and indicators on the Chinese metals industry. We have over 3,000 data and news gatherers on the ground across China, giving you unparalleled clarity in this opaque market.

With the rising use of Mysteel’s benchmarks and date in the industry, we want to provide our clients with transparency on how you to use that data legally. Data Licenses are our solution.

Why do you need a Data License?

To Trade

To use our pricing or survey data as the underlying reference of your physical or financial trading contracts.

Calculations & Analysis

If you need to use information that is derived from our data: for any analysis or calculation (e.g. indices, costs, premiums, forward curves, options).


To share any of our pricing or survey data with your colleagues (via email, intranet, verbally or through any internal system).


For any use of our price data as a reference in your transactions or any pricing or valuation activities.

What does a Data License give you?

A signed agreement
A signed agreement

Which authorises the use of all our pricing and industry data for your internal business use.

A signed agreement

Our Terms & Conditions require you to purchase a Data Licence for all of the uses listed above.

A signed agreement
Peace of Mind

Knowing that you're complying with our contract terms at all times.


What will it cost?

A Data License is priced according to your business needs. We'll spend some time working with you to understand your requirements and then tailor a solution for you.

How do I get a Data License?

Contact the Mysteel Global team and we'll arrange a consultation. Email

Can you give me some more examples of use that requires a Data License?

Forwarding our news, content, prices, and/or reports to your colleague(s) in its original or derived format. Analysts using Mysteel’s data to create forecasts or insert into internal models. Referencing a Mysteel number, price and/or index in contracts (physical and derivatives). Publishing a Mysteel benchmark on your company intranet or internal communications. This is not an exhaustive list. To create the right licence for you, we’ll need to work with you to understand your needs.

More about Data Feeds

As part of our Advanced Package, we feed our data straight into your company's system. Data feeds are streamlined, time-saving, cost-effective ways to access Mysteel data.

Arrange your Data License consultation.
Arrange your Data License consultation.

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