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DAILY: China's steel export prices - Shanghai(14:08)

(Unit: $/t)

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1. All the prices are in $/t; Spec. are in mm;
2. Payment terms are all L/C at sight, delivery is within 60 days;
3. Prices of all steel products (GB products excluded) are quoted for bulk deals with a minimum volume at 500 tonnes;
4. Prices of rebar and H-beams are on based on theoretical weight, while prices of wire rod, rebar in coils, HRC, CRC and medium plate are on actual weight;
5. Unless specified, all the rebar prices are based on 12 meters in length, with discounts/premiums applied for different lengths; and all the medium plate prices are based on 2,200mm in width;
6. Prices are only for reference, as resources are unevenly distributed among the ports, so discounts or premiums may be applied case by case;
7. Prices will not be updated on weekends or public holidays in China, please check the holiday notices for details;
8. Any inquiries regarding these prices, please contact Cecil Shi via or 86-10-57930612.

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