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Mysteel Iron Ore Index

(Unit: $/dmt, except specified otherwise)

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Remarks*: Indian iron ore exports have declined significantly due to the control of iron ore exports of many grades by the Indian authorities. Mysteel will continue to publish Indian iron ore prices for reference so as to ensure the integrity of the pricing data. These, however, are by no means suggesting that transaction, bids or offers have taken place on the day.

1. “Mysteel Iron Ore Index” includes the CFR prices of 62% Fe Australian fines, 58% Fe Australian fines, 65% Fe Brazilian fines and 58% Fe Indian fines.

2. CFR prices are priced in $/dry metric tonne.

3. Payment: L/C payment in the US Dollar.

4. Delivery Period: 2-8 weeks after the L/C issuance.

5. Destination: Mysteel defines Qingdao port as the standard delivery location, and deliveries to ports other than Qingdao will be adjusted accordingly in freight costs. As of now, the freight variations against Qingdao are a $0.15/dmt (Capesize) premium for shipments to Tianjin Port, Jingtang Port, and Caofeidian Port, a $0.34/dmt (Capesize) discount to Beilun Port, and a $0.44/dmt (Capesize) discount to Fangchenggang Port and Zhanjiang Port.

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