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Mysteel.net - Online Platform

Including - Access to Mysteel.net

News: 10-15 ferrous and non-ferrous market stories published each day

Online Pricing Data: over 3,000 data and price reporters on the ground across China to collect over 190,000 prices

Industry data: this platform offers over 700,000 indicators including inventories, production, consumption, trade, capacity, utilisation, shipments and more

Graphing Tool: an interactive graphing tool that analyses our data across certain commodities

Historical data back to 2015

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China EAF & Scrap Biweekly

The China EAF & Scrap Biweekly is focused on China’s increasingly important EAF-scrap supply chain and features exclusive articles and core data related to EAF capacity utilization rates, scrap recycling capacity and total supply to give you a comprehensive view of today’s shifting market. With scrap emerging as a key component of China’s push toward low-carbon steelmaking, this biweekly series is a must for understanding the China’s steel sector as it exists today and where it will be in the years to come.

China Industrial Enterprise Maps 2020

Painstakingly put together, these maps provide a comprehensive overview of each industry right at your fingertips. From location of facilities, capacities, comparison between regions, to product type and commissioned projects, these maps cover them all.

Mysteel's industry maps will provide you with great insights and aid you in strategizing and planning your business to sustainability.

Maps available

Coal Mining Map

Ferroalloys Smelter Map

Alumina & Aluminium Producers Map

Primary & Secondary Lead Smelters Map

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China Mining Monthly

China Mining Monthly explores China’s iron ore mining sector at home and around the world. It covers a wide range of topics including technology, investment, supplies, and consumption using Mysteel original data and expert insights from important industry leaders.

Coal & Coke Market Daily

Including -

Price assessments for:


Coking Coal


Thermal Coal

Global market coverage includes China, Australia, Canada & Russia

Profits of Chinese coking pans

News from Shanxi & East China (Major coal and coking hubs of China)

DCE coal contracts data

Ferroalloys Market Weekly

Including -

Comprehensive coverage including:

Manganese Ore



Noble alloys (Ferro-Molybdenum, Ferro-Niobium, Ferrotitanium & Titanium, Ferro-Tungsten, Vanadium)

Portside, seaborne prices & indices

Chinese steel mills' procurement prices

Smelters' capacity utilization

Output & stocks by Chinese region

Iron Ore Index Daily Report

As part of our commitment to you, we have expanded our Mysteel Iron Ore Index Daily Report to include even more key market indicators. These include the portside prices of pellets and concentrates, port basis data, and the price dynamics of coke, scrap, and finished steel.

Our Enhanced Mysteel Iron Ore Index Daily Report highlights:

Daily Mysteel Iron Ore index; Penalty and Premium; Spread of Spot and DCE Futures Prices; Price Difference Between Some Major Iron Ore Products

Rationale-Mysteel Seaborne 62% Australian Fines and the explanation of Mysteel Index Methodology

Daily Market Commentary and Analysis

MIOA Narrative & Numbers Weekly

Narrative & Numbers is a weekly data-driven report that covers the full depth of China’s steel market. Containing important analysis in its feature articles as well as the latest key indicators on steel, iron ore, coke, and macro trends, Narrative & Numbers offers on-the-ground market insights you won’t find anywhere else.

Raw Material Daily

Including – Daily PDF covering

Latest News, Analysis and Data

Iron Ore, Metallurgical Coal, Coke, Scrap, Ferroalloy, Pig Iron

Pricing, Shipments, Trade Data, Inventories

Additional Premium – Excel File

All historical data back to 2018

Stainless Steel Market Daily

Including -

Daily export prices from Foshan

Daily CRC trading volume in Foshan

Daily market highlights in Wuxi & Foshan

Daily prices on Shanghai Futures Exchange(Stainless steel and Nickel)

Daily 304 stainless costs & margins

Weekly stainless inventories in Wuxi & Foshan

Steel Daily

Including - Daily PDF Covering

Latest News, Analysis and Data

Long Steel, Flat Steel, Special Steel, Semi Finished Steel

Pricing, Production, Capacity, Maintenance and Restrictions, Inventories, Near-Term Outlook

Additional Premium – Excel File

All historical data back to 2018

Bloomberg Mysteel Data License

Including -

Over 1,100 key indicators

Brand Assessments

Portside Inventories

Dispatch and Arrivals Volumes

Mill Inventory and Consumption

Chinese Blast Furnace Burden Ratios

Iron Ore Core Database

Including -

Multiple reports available all with historical data in excel

Most popular reports include:

Portside Transaction report

Seaborne Transaction report

Iron Ore Inventory Report

Australian and Brazilian Shipments Report

And more……

For further inquiries of Iron Ore Core Database reports, please contact us via email: globalsales@mysteel.com

Mysteel Data Terminals(Mandarin Only)

One terminal to all data to serve your business

The most comprehensive database of Chinese-specific cross-commodities market intelligence available anywhere in the world.

Contains over 700,000 indicators, of which 190,000 are prices, in markets ranging from Iron Ore, Steel, Non-Ferrous, Ferroalloys, Agricultural, Textiles, Oil & Gas to Petrochemicals.

Covers public Chinese-specific macro/micro-economic indicators as well as data from the commodity derivatives markets.

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Mysteel VIP Express Service

Including -

Top-level market releases made available in advance to premium subscribers

Daily monitor of National Construction Steel Products and Trading Volumes

Port Stocks, Iron Ore Arrival Statistics, Sinter Feedstocks at 64 Mills, Various Traders Steel Stocks

Content also includes the supply, demand, inventory, transaction and other aspects of Steel, Iron ore and Coking coal

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Mysteel Consultancy - Facilitate Your Business Decision Making Sample TOC

For Steel Mills & Mines

Asset Portfolio Optimization

Cost Efficiency Optimization

M&A Assessment

Procurement & Sales Optimization

Product Planning

Strategic Investment & Planning

Trading Opportunities Consultancy

For Downstream Players

Feedstock Supply & Demand Outlook

Feedstock Supplier Management & Procurement Tactics

Hedging with Futures

Procurement Digitalization

Supply & Demand Balance Forecast

Trading Opportunities Consultancy

For Financial Institutes

Financing & Investment Advisory

Industrial Expert Advisory

Investment Feasibility Assessment

Market Due Diligence

For Technology/Equipment Providers

Target Clients/Partners Screening

Target Market Entry Feasibility Assessment

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Why Mysteel Consultancy: Huge Knowledge Base & In-depth Industry Experience

Massive information network

A team of 3,000+ on the ground across China, collecting data and providing insightful information for 3 million+ registered members.

Extensive experience accumulation

Established in 2006, 14 years of accumulation in professional knowledge and in-depth understanding of the past, present and future trends of the steel & iron ore industry.

Rich consulting experience

Provide professional consulting services for hundreds of companies and institutions worldwide.

Comprehensive Database

700,000 indicators, 210 million data points Inventories, production, consumption, trade, capacity, utilization, shipments & many more indicators. Collecting and updating daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly since 1999.

Customer-centric service

An independent and professional third-party information service provider that has always put customer needs in top priorities since its establishment.

Professional consulting experience

The consulting team comprises experts from different backgrounds and qualifications with decades of exposure to production, trading, hedging & investment, collecting rich industry experience and a vast network.