3rd International Ni, Cr, Stainless Steel & New Energy Industrial Development Conference 2024
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia Date: May 07, 2024~May 09, 2024 language: English | Chinese
New Energy Nickel Steel

Join us at the Mysteel Conference in Jakarta from May 7th to May 9th, 2024. Over 500 industry leaders will unite, including government officials, associations, miners, traders, mills, and experts. Together, we'll shape the future of the Nickel industry through collaboration and innovation.

Exclusive China Steel Recycling Tour
Location: Site Tour Date: Apr 14, 2024~Apr 18, 2024 language: English

Gain exclusive access to first-hand market insights from China by joining Mysteel's specialized market tour, offering immersive visits to electric furnace manufacturers and scrap processing facilities

The 18th International Iron Ore Market Seminar
Location: Qingdao, China Date: Mar 13, 2024~Mar 15, 2024 language: Chinese, English
Iron Ore

2023, the degree of economic recovery varies widely across economies. Looking ahead to 2024, with macroeconomic uncertainty still looming, what are the consumption growth drivers for the steel industry? How will the supply and demand structure of iron ore change as global mine production maintains high growth and the domestic Cornerstone Plan continues to advance? On the other hand, what opportunities and challenges will the iron ore industry face under the low carbon and environmental protection policy objectives?

How did China's ferrous market perform in 2023 and the outlook for 2024
Location: Webinar Date: Jan 31, 2024~Jan 31, 2024 language: English

2023 presented challenges across various sectors. How did China's ferrous market perform in this demanding year, and what can we anticipate for the market in 2024? Our panel of expert speakers who are specialised in the respective markets of steel, iron ore, coal&coke and steel scrap, share their first-hand insights. The webinar wraps up with a Q&A session, chaired by Mysteel Global's Head of Editorial.

2023 Asia Steel Forum
Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vi... Date: Sep 20, 2023~Sep 22, 2023 language: English

Asia Steel Forum 2023 is an event that aims to promote exchanges within the industry and enhance mutual understanding between stakeholders in the areas of capacity ramp-ups, market potential, and technological advancements for boosting sustainable methods of steel-making.