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Mysteel provides up-to-date information on pricing, inventory, mill capacity utilization, market insights on China and global commodities markets. We can also provide tailor-made research and consultancy services to meet your needs.

China is the largest producer and consumer of metal worldwide, Mysteel has been collecting data extensively and directly from the market for over two decades. We believe in transparency in the Chinese metals market, and we are delighted to deliver clarity on it.

Our mission is to deliver that information globally in the most easy-to-use service possible. We are headquartered in Shanghai, with branch offices in Singapore, Melbourne, Tokyo and over 30 cities in mainland China.

1 Http://www.mysteel.net membership

鉄、非鉄、貴金属の価格、需給の指標に関する最新の情報は、弊社の英語版 Websiteをご活用下さい。

Get access to industry news and thousands of prices and supply/demand indicators on the iron ore, steel, non-ferrous, precious and minor metals industries through our English language website.

2 Mysteel Steel Daily & Mysteel Raw Material Daily

Mysteel.netのエッセンスをDaily Reportとしてお届けします。価格情報、ミル稼働率、市況在庫、鉄鋼原料の入着量、港の入出庫量など。

The essence of Mysteel.net is delivered to you as Daily Report. Price information, mill utilization rate, market inventory, incoming and outgoing steel raw material volume, port loading and unloading volume, etc.

3 Mysteel Databank : Mysteel Commodity Data Terminal


The most comprehensive database of Chinese specific cross-commodities market intelligence. Unlock the granular data available on the Chinese iron ore industry in the excel format.

Mysteel VIP Messaging Service



Specifically catered towards traders of iron ore and/or steel in the physical or derivatives markets, This service publishes our major headline surveys to recipients 12 hours ahead of general release to the public.

Data Synchronization Services

Mysteel APIインターフェースを介して、お客様ご自身のデータベースにデータを自動でご提供します。

Data auto feed to customer’s own database through Mysteel API interface, based on the customer’s data synchronization requirements.

Mysteel Consultancy


We collect and analyze information necessary for business decision making, such as future supply and demand trends, import volume forecasts for steel raw materials, the status of achievement of decarbonization goals and understanding of measures to achieve them, joint venture partner surveys, and introductions.