China Policy Perspective

Including — Monthly PDF covering

Monthly subscription and exclusive in-house presentation, extended consultation upon request

Navigate through China's fast-evolving energy policies with an organized roadmap

Identify emerging investment opportunities under China's decarbonization initiative with economic competitiveness analysis

Focused study from the national and regional levels on specific markets

Spotlight research on updated energy transition market regulations and policy orientation

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Mysteel Battery Materials Data

Including — Weekly PDF covering

Easy to use battery materials data including price, inventory, capacity & production – distributed on weekly basis

Materials coverage:

Nickel and Nickel Sulfate

Cobalt and cobalt compounds

Manganese Sulfate

Lithium and lithium compounds

Ternary precursor and cathode materials

Cathode materials (LFP, LCO, LMO)

Other prices

China EV & battery market data

Mysteel Battery Materials Weekly

Including — Weekly PDF covering

PDF report for you to understand what’s happening in China EV battery materials market.


Weekly spotlight feature story

Battery and raw materials prices

Weekly news/policies & new capacity update

Raw Materials Daily

Including - Daily PDF covering

Industry & Market News, Weekly Summary & Near-Term Outlook, Key Indicators & Analysis

Iron Ore, Metallurgical Coal, Coke, Scrap, Ferroalloy, PCI, Pig Iron

Pricing, Shipments, Trade Data, Inventories

Additional Bonus - Excel File

Easy-to-use 13-month historical data

Steel Daily

Including - Daily PDF covering

Industry & Market News, Weekly Summary & Near-Term Outlook, Key Indicators & Analysis

Long Steel, Flat Steel, Special Steel, Semi-finished Steel

Pricing, Production & Capacity, Maintenance & Restrictions, Inventories

Additional Bonus-Excel File

Easy-to-use 13-month historical data

Mysteel Iron Ore Index Daily
As part of our commitment to you, we have expanded our Mysteel Iron Ore Index Daily report to include even more key market indicators. These include the portside prices of pellets and concentrates, port basis data, and the price dynamics of coke, scrap, and finished steel.

Our enhanced Mysteel Iron Ore Index Daily report highlights:

Daily Mysteel Iron Ore index; Penalty and Premium; Spread of Spot and DCE Futures Prices; Price Difference between some Major Iron Ore Products

Rationale-Mysteel Seaborne 62% Australian Fines and the explanation of Mysteel Index Methodology

Daily Market Commentary and Analysis

Mysteel Aluminum Weekly

Including - Weekly PDF covering

Latest News, Analysis and Data

Bauxite, Alumina, Aluminum

Pricing, Production, Capacity, Inventories, Demand, Near-Term Outlook

Additional Bonus - Excel File

Easy-to-use 13-month historical data

Mysteel Copper Daily

Contents: (might be adjusted slightly based on the daily market situation):

News Alert

Special Analysis

Physical and Futures Market Analysis

Mysteel Survey


Spot Prices, Copper Foil Processing Charges, Futures Prices, Daily Trade, Calendar & Other Tables related to News, Analysis & Survey


SHFE Copper Forward Curve, SHFE Top 20 Brokers Copper Main Contract Open Interest, Prices & Prices Spread, TC, Premiums, Import Profitability, Copper Rod Processing Charges, and other Charts related to News, Analysis & Survey

Mysteel Copper Weekly


Spotlight | Sentiment Survey | Copper Concentrate | Copper Cathode | Secondary Copper | Copper Semis | Weekly Hot Topics


Weekly Prices (Spot prices, TC, premiums) | Weekly Inventory | Refined Copper Supply-Demand Balance | Copper Refineries Maintenance | Refined Copper Rod Processing Charges | Copper Plate/Strip Weekly Processing Charges


Mysteel Weekly Survey(Output, Utilization Rate, Trade) | Inventory (Port, LME, Social, Bonded Area) | Market Sentiment, Prices(LME, Spot, Price Spread, Processing Charges, Premiums, TC ) | Shanghai Copper Import Profitability | SHFE Forward Curve, etc.

Mysteel Copper Monthly


Highlights | Copper Price Overview | Copper Concentrate | Copper Cathode | Copper Scrap | Copper Semis |Copper Consumption Market


Copper Industry Chain Production Data | China Copper Cathode Prices of Main Districts |Global Main Copper Mining Companies Production | China Copper Cathode Output | China Copper Cathode Production by Region | Capacity Utilization Rate


Prices and Price Spread, TC, Premium | Inventory (Port, Social, Bonded) | Import Profitability | CFTC Non-Commercial Position | China Copper Concentrate/Refined Copper/ Copper Scrap/ Import, China Refined Copper Export | China Copper Concentrate/Refined Copper/Copper Semis/ Production | China Copper Concentrate Self-satisfied Rate | China Copper Concentrate Price Coefficient | Capacity Utilization Rate | China Grid/Real Estate Investment | China 220kV and Above Newly Installed Capacity | China Real Estate New Starts & Completion YoY | China Air-con/Auto/New Energy Vehicle Production | China Household Air-con Production Schedule | China Wind Power Generation Newly Installed Capacity | China Solar Power Generation Newly Installed Capacity

MIOA Ferrous Monthly


Monthly Market Balance - Supply & Demand Table (by-product)

Monthly Overview and Outlook on Steel, Iron Ore, Scrap and Coke.

Analysis of Supply and Demand along with Short-Term Market Outlook

Detailed Breakdown of Domestic Iron Ore Usage for Both Sintering and Pelletizing

Market Insights from First-hand Sources

Grassroots Surveys of Chinese Steel Mills and Mining Companies about the issues affecting them most

Additional Bonus - MIOA Features

1-2 articles per week sent separately

Coal & Coke Daily

Price Assessments for:

  • Coke
  • Coking Coal (Domestic & Imported)
  • Thermal Coal
  • Global Market Coverage includes China, Indonesia, Mongolia, Canada and Russia

    Profits of Chinese Coking Plants

    News from China's Coal and Coke Producing Bases

    DCE Coal Contracts Data

    Ferroalloys Market Weekly

    Commodity Coverage:

  • Manganese Ore
  • Siliconmanganese
  • Ferromanganese & EMM
  • Ferrosilicon
  • Noble Alloys (Molybdenum, Vanadium, Niobium, Titanium, Tungsten)
  • Ferroalloys Prices & Index

    Smelters' Capacity Utilization, Demand & Production

    Tender Update

    China Steel Market Highlights

    Narrative & Numbers Weekly
    Narrative & Numbers is a weekly data-driven report that covers the full depth of China's steel market. Containing important analysis in its feature articles as well as the latest key indicators on steel, iron ore, coke, and macro trends, Narrative & Numbers offers on-the-ground market insights you won't find anywhere else.

    Additional Bonus – MIOA Features

    1-2 articles per week sent separately

    Stainless Steel Daily

    Including -

    Daily Domestic Stainless Steel Prices in Wuxi & Foshan (major stainless steel hubs of China)

    Daily CRC Trading Volume in Foshan

    Daily Market Summary in Foshan

    Daily Prices on Shanghai Futures Exchange (Stainless Steel and Nickel)

    Daily 304 Stainless Costs & Margins

    Weekly Stainless Inventories in Wuxi & Foshan

    Monthly Production of NPI, FeCr, SS and CRC