3rd International Ni, Cr, Stainless Steel & New Energy Industrial Development Conference 2024

New Energy Nickel Steel


Indonesia and China play pivotal roles in the global nickel industry. China's investments in Indonesia's nickel sector go beyond stainless steel into emerging energy markets. Indonesia is actively enhancing incentives for electric vehicles, positioning itself as a potential hub for battery and EV manufacturing.

The changing landscape of the stainless steel industry, the growth in new energy sectors, and global dynamics highlight the significant impact of nickel price fluctuations. This emphasizes the need for a fair pricing system for Indonesian nickel ore, making it a focal point of interest. As the industry focuses on sustainable resource development, how can we tackle these challenges and seize new opportunities to stay ahead in the competition?



This conference will bring together over 300 key decision-makers representing the entire nickel industry, including government officials, leading associations, nickel and chromium miners, smelters, traders, stainless steel manufacturers, EV battery and materials companies, technology innovators, logistics experts, and research institutes.



  • 20+ speakers over 2 days presenting the latest market intelligence in the nickel industry.
  • Connect with 300+ industry peers from China, Indonesia, and other global leaders.
  • Explore investment opportunities in Indonesia's nickel, stainless steel, and new energy markets.
  • Learn ESG management best practices for sustainable growth.
  • Stay updated on innovations in mining, processing, stainless steel, EV batteries, and recycling technology.


Join us to network with like-minded industry professionals and gain valuable insights that will help shape the future of this dynamic industry. Register before March 31st to take advantage of our early bird discounts! Secure your spot by completing the registration form below today!