FEATURE: Smog warning puts China mills under scrutiny

With severe air pollution expected to envelop large swathes of China this week and next, industries identified as major sources of pollution such as steel mills will likely come under close monitoring by local governments ready to slap emergency restrictions on production, steel sector sources warned Tuesday. But though stern official announcements and excited Chinese media reports have raised anxiety levels among affected enterprises up a few notches, steel market watchers counsel calm, maintaining that disruptions to production are unlikely to be any more severe than those the industry has already endured so far this winter.
Prompting the smog warnings are recent reports from the China National Environmental Monitoring Center indicating that weather patterns over coming days are unlikely to allow the quick disbursement of airborne pollutants in the skies over North China’s Hebei and Shanxi provinces, in East China’s Shandong, Central China’s Henan and Northwest


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